Scott James of The90028 won a Trump shout-out video from John Di Domenico, whose globally renowned Trump impersonation was most recently discussed on Howard Stern. This game’s qualified entries were limited to Operation Keep Home Heroteers.

WATCH Scott win:

WATCH Johnny D describe the prize he donated:


WATCH winners of “Cards for Heroteers” 2 (per rules) drawn by Cody Renee Cameron (Breaking Bad actor, Easyrider magazine centerfold). Lt. Frank of Vegas 90210 pinch hit for Mark, just before shooting PSAs for The90028, the Hollywood cause behind #apocaTIPS, benefiting bartenders unable to work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

#1st choice – 8 diamonds = Brett Davidson Creative

#2nd choice – 5 hearts = Por*Ass Podcast

#3rd choice – 4 hearts = Jim Riepel

#4th choice – 8 hearts = Jason Woolfolk, Photographer

#5th choice – 5 clubs = Hollywood Johnny Depp

#6th choice – 7 spades = Hollywood Spidey


Heroteer #20 Helen Ebon won C4H #1 on 11 MAR 2020

a Lt. Frank photo, autographed ($25 value)

The first winner of “Cards for Heroteers” (C4H) was drawn by Mark Roman Empire (also a podcast) guest and Playboy Bunny Melanie Neumann (WATCH).

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