Gift Cards

Mark Roman Empire eGift Cards are available in amounts of $5 or more.

50% of every purchase is donatated directly to Venka.

As a not-quite-middle-class gig economy working artist, Mark found the 50% Heroteer percentage to be a sustainable model. The tired 10% “tithe” model seems … not enough, and with religious strings. If one was wealthy, 100% would get Venka housing instantly … if Mark was Jeff Bezos. (Sources familiar with the matter can confirm with 89% certainty that Mark is NOT Jeff Bezos.) The Heroteer model doesn’t claim to be perfect. But it is working…

Credit Card

Promo Code “Heroteer”. These are gift cards via Square, redeemable only for Mark Roman Empire SWAG. For gift cards redeemable for artist performance services as well, choose one of the payment options below.

Other payment options:

redeemable for Mark Roman Empire SWAG (order via CONTACT us)

as well as artist performance services


Cash App


in any memo reference “Heroteer”

For Zelle & more, CONTACT us.

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