Rules for C4H

Cards for Heroteers” determines the winners of select Heroteer Creatives Swag. The initial rules were laid out in the first drawing (WATCH). As the number of Heroteers grows, these rules will continue to evolve at the direction of founder Mark Roman.

Hearts = Heroteers 1-10

Spades = Heroteers 11-20

Diamonds = Heroteers 21-30

Clubs = Heroteers 31-40

Royalty cards and jokers yield no winners, must draw again.

Previous Heroteer winners cannot win again until remaining Heroteers win (see below).

Winners are contacted via email to choose their prize. Once winner makes their selection, a similar email goes out to the next winner (1st choice, 2nd choice, etc.). Winners can choose from the remaining prizes or opt to “pass”, in which case their opportunity to choose from a selection of prizes will not occur until their # is chosen again in the next cycle.

Heroteer winners in current cycle, precluded from winning again until next cycle:

#20 Helen Ebon (won C4H #1 on 11 MAR 2020)

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