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I’m Mark Roman, and I coined the word “Heroteer” back in 2012. A survivor of The Big Short, I’ve been homeless myself. And the sight of a fellow human being sleeping on a sidewalk next to a brand new luxury apartment tower… it just doesn’t make sense. But as a working artist & SAG-AFTRA actor, I see it all over Hollywood and Los Angeles. What are we doing? Or not doing?

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When I discovered my work colleague from my mortgage industry days was homeless, I was shocked! Venka was the last person I expected to end up homeless. I learned Venka had been taking care of her adopted mother as her in-home care-giver. When her adopted mom died, Venka’s support system was gone. In 2016 Venka suffered a stroke. In 2018 it was diagnosed. Meanwhile, Venka became homeless. It’s been a year. She’s still without a permanent home. Living in her car.

How to help? I found a way to continue my life as a not-quite-middle class working artist. And send Venka money. Daily. I go into detail about how in my article on Medium.

Bottom line, each time a new Heroteer buys a $5 or greater eGift Card from my Mark Roman Empire, Venka gets 50%. Direct to her Venmo, Cash App, etc. Daily. The Heroteer gets BENEFITS (the first 300 also get PERKS). Working artist Mark gets to continue creating his art & finding new Heroteers.

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JOIN now to bring home #VenkaAndWill!

I launched the campaign on 03 December, 2019. As I write this, ten days later, I’ve found 15 Heroteers and Venka’s received $172.50. It’s working! And it’s sustainable! That’s means I can keep doing it. I’m not a charity. Wouldn’t know how to run it! Plus I lack the 6-figure income many “non-profits” pay their executive directors.

I’m Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. Just happy to be here in Hollywood. Some seek fame. Others, fortune. I seek laughter. See smiles on faces. I get that daily. As a professional performing artist. Maybe you’ve seen me on TV or in film. Maybe you’ve seen my Lt. Frank on Bill Burr’s Driving with Bill, or at a Los Angeles football tailgate. Enough people seem to dig what I do.

And as I build a different kind of empire, I am happy to bring fellow humans along. Maybe it’s the Eagle Scout in me. Without the British Empire, I wouldn’t be a Scout. Crazy, huh?

So I’m looking for more Heroteers. JOIN us! 3,000 and Venka comes home. After that? There might be one more homeless person out there. Who, by definition, needs help. I’ve got a growing empire that can help. Full of Heroteers. How? Contact me. We’ll find a time to chat on the phone in an old school voice call. Answer any questions. And if you qualify, get you on that growing list of Heroteers. Before the last spots in “The 300” of Founder Heroteers are gone…

Thanks for reading! Good luck!

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JOIN now to bring home #VenkaAndWill!

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