* Follow or “like” Heroteer on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and WordPress (more soon).  The solutions are not necessarily new ideas, but how we can cooperatively and  systematically implement them in the way we shop, conduct business, and live in the world is a new paradigm.  To identify oneself as a “heroteer” that “heroteers”, you contribute to the power in numbers of a movement that can help change institutions and their actions for the better.  The very word “heroteer” is the banner around which we can rally to make the world a better place, by appealing to the hero within all of us.

* Hero Check.  This requires an honest examination of oneself.
What are my strengths or “superpowers”?  Talents?  Resources?  Influence?  How can I and others most effectively enjoy the fruits of my strengths?
What are my weaknesses or Achilles Heel?  How am I a villain?  How can I best minimize and/or eliminate that?  Who is qualified and available to help?
What are my challenges?  How can I best overcome them in cooperation with others so the world can sooner and more richly enjoy my strengths?
What is my passion?  What would I do without pay?  What would I enter a burning building to defend?  What captures my heart and emotions?
Who is on my team?  Who “gets” the real me?  Who truly has my back and I’d want in a foxhole with me?
* Conflict Check.
If the mission is worthy, why should I let another’s background, religion, politics, sexual orientation or other difference prevent our cooperation?  Is my ego or comfort a villain obstructing the path to progress?
* Identify a specific Mission that can use your strength NOW.
* Spread the word!  Encourage others to follow or “like” Heroteer on FB, Twitter, YouTube, etc.  Share the story of your Hero Check, Conflict Check and how you will heroteer!  It only takes one heroteer who takes action to change the world.  Imagine what we can do together.

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