Double Down

Heroteers may choose to “Double Down” their MRE gift card purchase to obtain (for personal use) OR sponsor Heroteer Creatives Swag, such as received by winners of “Cards for Heroteers“.

The price depends on what Creatives Swag is available at the time.

For example, if the purchaser made a $20 Heroteer purchase, they can choose to Double Down for a total of $40. Venka gets $10 to survive until housed, Mark gets $10 to keep Heroteer rolling, a Heroteer Creative (such as Hollywood Wolverine) gets $20 for their groovy swag (such as an autographed Hollywood Wolverine photo!).

The Heroteer Creative pays shipping (within the U.S.). Sometimes Heroteer Creatives choose to make an additional MRE gift card purchase out of their swag sale (indicated within listings of Creatives Swag).

Purchaser recieves the Heroteer Creative’s swag, or can donate it as a Cards for Heroteers prize. Purchaser (in example above) also recieves $20 in MRE Gift Card credit and $20 in sponsor credit (if they sponsor the swag instead of retain swag for personal use).

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