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How are you?

That’s a question that, before the pandemic, seemed almost trite. Now it carries even more weight, concern and urgency with each passing day. Heroteer began as an effort to find people housing, one human at a time. Since Covid-19 it has expanded to a resource and community to help creatives and others hurt financially, emotionally and otherwise by the pandemic.

Now we are not medical doctors, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take your temperture before proceeding. This pandemic has hit everyone in different ways. If you are sick, you need to be in the hospital. Immediately. If you’re not, what’s your status? Are you inconvenienced, but have resources to get through this? Are you getting by, but worried about your future? Are you days away from being in a really bad place? Are you already there? Let’s find out! That way you can get the help you need. And if you’re in a position to help, we can match you with options to do so.

What Cup Size Are You?


You need help financially. NOW! Maybe you’re a gig economy worker. If you can’t work you don’t eat. Health insurance? If you have it, it’s Medicaid. No savings, bills are already pilling up. You’re not-quite-middle class. Maybe you are far from it. No rich uncle. No kind sibling or cousin to take you in. How do you eat next week? Today?

GET HELP: Are you a creative? We are helping sell Heroteer Creatives Swag.

GET HELP: Are you homeless? We are helping Venka get housing now. Once she’s housed, we’ll be looking for someone in Los Angeles, probably in the 90028 to house next.


You’ve got some savings, you’ve got some credit, you’ve got some friends and family who can help (if you need it). You take some small comfort in the aggressive govenment finanical relief on the horizon. You could spare $20 or $50 or $100 right now for a worthy cause, but you wonder if you might need that later. This pandemic is not comfortable, but you’ll survive. You’ve just got all this time on your hands indoors, and your kids and/or pets and/or significant other(s) are kinda driving you crazy.

HELP: Are you a creative? We are helping sell Heroteer Creatives Swag.


Well ain’t this a bummer. Better not look at the 401k, IRA or stock portfolio today. And you had all these plans! This is super inconvient! You’re not worried about making your mortage payment. Maybe you already paid it off. $100 or $1,000 or more you could spare at the drop of a hat. If it made a difference. In the right place. With the right people. You are the rich aunt.

HELP: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to Heroteer, maybe even Double Down, perhaps sponsor, perhaps serve

To GET HELP or OFFER HELP, please complete the form below and we’ll respond.

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