Operation #KeepRoom

OPERATION SUSPENDED – 11pm THU 26 MAR 2020 – While we did not achieve 100% of our goal, we did deliver direct financial relief to Venka (see Results section below) among other positive results. CityServe extended Venka’s stay in the room into early April. So the primary concern, preventing Venka from losing her room, is solved. For the time being. We may re-engage this operation in the future as Venka’s circumstances change.

ORIGINAL OVERVIEW – Thanks to CityServe, Venka has a room at a Motel 6 until 11am Friday [27 MAR 2020]. Without enough funds to pay for another week (or month), Venka, Will & Andy must return to living in Venka’s car. We’d like to prevent that from happening!

Game Plan

PURPOSE: Keep the room Venka currently has (or upgrade)

GOAL: 200 New Heroteers (or equivalent)

EQUIVALENT GOALS: 100 New Heroteers + 25 Double Downs, etc.

DEADLINE: midnight THU 26 MAR 2020 (PST)

Results (as of 11PM THU 26 MAR 2020)

$101.50 new direct aid to Venka (since start of operation)

20.3% of goal achieved (direct aid to Venka)

$25.38 average Heroteer purchase (for #OpKeepRoom)

40 prize entries (see below)

8 total Heroteers participated

2 NEW Heroteers joined the cause


The Cards for Heroteers game played no later than the week of 01 April (no joke!) will select winners from the #OpKeepRoom Heroteers listed below. Prizes include the following:

Every $5 of Heroteer credit purchased buys you an entry.

#OpKeepRoom Heroteers

Ace K.

Lt. Adam 12

Glo Tanning Studio

Helen Ebon


The 90028

Patricia Moore

Justin Toal

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