Numbers as of 28 APR 2020

Helping House Venka

Since December 2019 …

48 humans became Heroteers (7 referred to Mark by 6 Heroteers)

$714.00 direct cash aid PAID to Venka

Helping Creatives Hurt by Pandemic

Since St. Patrick’s Eve 2020 …

4 items SOLD of Creatives Swag via Double Down

$77 PAID to Heroteer Creatives

Helping Heroteers

Since 11 MAR 2020 …

15 Creatives Swag prizes awarded winners of Cards for Heroteers on YouTube


191 LIKES on Facebook Page

80 FOLLOWERS on Instagram

61 FOLLOWERS on Twitter

4 articles written on Medium: “Meet the Cap of Will & Grace” * “Finding Shelter Is a Laughing Matter” * “Heroteer for Venka, Artists (& Me)” * “What CAN You Do During the Pandemic?

8 podcast episodes promote: Mark Roman Empire (also a podcast)

Locations (from Where Heroteers Hail)

54% Los Angeles

19% SF/NorCal

12% Vegas

4% Portland

2% each: Israel, Minnesota, New York, Vermont, Albuquerque

0% Livermore (where Venka has lived – mostly in her car)

Industries (where Heroteers work)

29% Entertainment

8% retired

4% (each) Food Service, Health Care, Janitorial, Law Enforcement, Sales & Marketing, Security, Tourism

2% (each) Accounting, Automotive, Education, Graphic Design, Health, Wellness & Fitness, Home Improvement, Public Service, Media, Photography, Tanning Salon, Technology, Transportation, Waste Management

2% Mortgage Banking (former industry of Venka & Mark)

2% non-profit

2% Real Estate (the industry of … homes where humans live)

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